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Invitation for Strategic Partnership In Heaven-Sent Platinum Group Mining Project
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1. Project overview

Lesego Platinum Group (PGM) Mine is a core asset of Heaven-Sent Industrial Group Co. Ltd. The mine is located at the north end of east flank of the world-famous Bushveld Complex Metallogenic Belt in South Africa.

a. Big Resource Volume

The mine consists of Merensky and UG2 ore bodies. The ore bodies are thin-layered and distributed continuously. The ore deposit also has a good lithology structure. The mine has a resource volume of 258 million tons, which contains 47 million ounces of 4E metals, 208,000 tons of Copper metal, and 515,000 tons of Nickel metal.

b. High Grade

The mine has a relatively high grade, among which the grade of 4E is 5.65 g/t (UG2: Pt 50.5%, Pd 40 %, Rh 8%, Au 1.5%; MR: Pt 57.6%, Pd 32.3%, Rh 3%, Au 7.1%), the grade of Copper is 0.08%, and the grade of Nickel is 0.20%.

c. A Complete Regional Industrial Chain

The Bushwell Basin is the base for all South Africa’s roughing and processing plants, base metal refining plants, and precious metal refining plants, forming a complete industrial processing chain represented by Anglo American Platinum, Impala, Lomin and Northam. This geographical and industrial advantage can provide industrial support to our project’s development and operation.

2. Strategic Importances of PGM

a. PGM has excellent properties and is widely applied in the field of industry, technology, and national defence.

PGMs are typical precious metals, with high melting point, good thermal conductivity, and high chemical stability. PGM alloys are resistant to high temperature, oxidation, corrosion, friction, and have good thermoelectric stability, small expansion coefficient, and high stiffness under high temperature. It has significant use in modern high-tech and national defence developments and has become an essential raw material for aerospace, underground, and deep-sea operations.

b. Under the carbon peak and neutrality strategy, PGM supply and semand will continue to stay tense in mid to long term.

In addition to the well-known purposes such as jewellery and for investment, PGMs are also used as heavy-duty diesel vehicle emission catalyst, chemical industry catalysts, in fuel injectors for jet engines, spark plugs for aircrafts and rockets, high-temperature protective layer of spaceships, and high-efficiency fuel cell, etc. Among the 600 millions cares world wide, vehicle emission catalysts have been installed in 255 million cars. Demand for PGMs is increasing rapidly with the emission standards of internal combustion engine vehicles becoming more stringent. In the future, hydrogen fuel cells will also need PGM in large quantities. Under the "30-60 Carbon Peak and Neutrality" strategy, PGM will have an even greater market in China.

c. PGM resources are distributed unevenly. Holding PGM mines has national strategic significance.

PGM resources around the world are mostly located in South Africa, Russia, and Zimbabwe., whileSouth Africa alone holds 89.9% of all the PGM resource worldwide. China has very limited PGM resources, with only around 300 tons. Most of them are concentrated in inland areas such as Sichuan, Yunnan, or Xinjiang, not independent mineral deposits (they are often mixed with other minerals). With the continuous economic development and the transformation to green and low-carbon economy, the supply and demand tension of PGM will continue to increase for a long time. In this context, the possession of a high-quality PGM mine is of great strategic significance to national resource security.

3. A Sincere Invitation for Strategic Partners

If you want to hold core assets, and have interest in investing Platinum Group Metal resources, or if you have rich experience in mining development and operation, you are welcome to contact us.

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